Why Make Movies?

Sometimes people who don’t make movies don’t fully understand why people have a passion for making movies. And sometimes those same people will ask why we do it. It doesn’t come up often, but when it does, sometimes it catches people off-guard. So, in an effort to help many filmmakers, let’s look at why we […]

The Fine Art of Storytelling

Numerous things make a movie any good. You could have bad sound, bad lighting, bad picture, bad performances, and bad concepts. You could break the ideas you have by putting them together all wrong. Or, you might make an Oscar-winning movie by putting everything together perfectly. Although, I never hold Oscar as the “best” of […]

Sometimes You Gotta Direct

Knowing when and where to direct someone is troublesome sometimes. Even if you’re not officially the Director of the project you’re working on, you’ll still find someone approaching you asking questions about what they’re supposed to be doing. I mean, honestly, any indie project has had this happen to producers, camera ops, boom ops, etc. […]

To The New Filmmakers

Should you even consider making a movie if you don’t have things under control? For instance, I want to make a movie (this is hypothetical, as I’ve made quite a few). I am new to the business of filmmaking and have not really made more than backyard skits or shooting my sister’s¬†wedding. But I feel […]