The Hollywood Desire

Many people I talk to have this thing about needing to go to Hollywood. You know the thing… The itch. They think that, just because they need to act/film that they’re going to find great success out on the left coast. Well, I’m here to tell them it’s complete and utter bullshit. I hate to break your dreams, but pretty much everyone that left for the California Dream comes back with their hopes crushed, or even worse, find out how difficult it is to be a coked-out prostitute/porn star trying to make ends meet. Or even worse, lose the dream altogether.

Here is my thinking on the whole “Hollywood Desire”: Why should your location make the difference? It’s true that the largest conglomerate of filmmakers in the world are in LA, no one is denying that. But films are made outside of the “thirty mile zone” (TMZ… Did you know that is what they at meant?) EVERY DAY, and all across the globe! And the sparks originate outside of LA almost every second. So why make that your base of operations?

I’m originally from just outside of Washington DC. My spark started during my time living there and it has never died. Even when I moved to Pennsylvania I kept it. And just because I live here doesn’t mean I have more of an interest in making movies in LA. Far from it. I want to build an empire right here, in the middle of this little, po-dunk town I call home. And I know it can be possible, as numerous newer film studios are being built all around the nation, and not in LA at all. If I had my way, I’d build a huge studio in my backyard, not in LA, as some folks would have it. Why have a pressing need to make a move just to work on your dream job?

So, for those of you filmmakers and actors who would like to go to LA to “make it big”, I suggest trying to get started where you’re currently located instead. You’re bound to eventually realize that you don’t need to make a move in order to do what it is you love.