From The (Now Defunct) Filmmaker’s Book, A Section Called: Boom Ops

Maybe you’re not aware of it, or maybe you are, but I have been writing a book for the past 2.5 years (as of this update, the book has been paused indefinitely). I cannot yet reveal the title of the book, but I can share with you ideas of what it will be about. The book is about filmmaking. And it’s about independent filmmaking, to be exact. And it will serve as a compendium of information about how to do it correctly, from A to Z.

The book serves as all of my knowledge (and then some) compressed into about 200 (or so) pages. And I keep adding to it every year, adding more information about the process when I can. My information is not the only, as I enlist the help of hundreds of filmmaking topics and articles, help from friends that graduated from prestigious film schools (like NYU and AFI), and general information available to film school students and not the general public at large. The first edition should be on sale before Christmas, 2013, and I hope that you’ll consider buying it for yourself, friends, colleagues, and even as gifts for budding filmmakers. The money that is earned will go directly into creating a studio for teaching at-risk middle and high school children about producing their own movies, as well as serve as a production and post-production studio for other companies that need something like it in Pennsylvania.

Anyhow, here is an example page talking about something I have great experience with in Boom Operation. This is an example of how the book will look and feel, as each page is focusing on one specific thing in filmmaking. And the book with have a few “extras” to make it completely value-added, those of which I cannot divulge at the moment. But I promise, it will be VERY similar to having a “film school education in a paperback bound journal”.

Initially I wanted to show you a picture from the book, but with all the site shuffling and such, that’s not possible anymore. I will try to adapt to this loss now.

If you could see, it provided information, shows examples (when possible), and gives out the information plainly and simply. And the book is chronological, which means you could just follow it through your time making a movie, and gather great information for doing things right!

As the nature of the beast is to show you pretty much everything, the book will retail upwards of $39.99, but I assure you that having it in your back pocket will make your life of filmmaking (and even television production) that much more simple. When it goes on sale, I will provide links pretty much everywhere on my site (and others), so keep watching for it.