Just Do It

As I look out into the sea of filmmakers (see my last post on "Over-saturation"┬áto get my meaning), I begin to see more and more of them just using this motto: Just Do It. And something inside me yearns to be able to do just that. I want to have the ability to just stand up and start making a movie whenever I feel like it. It’s not that I lack the passion, drive, desire, creativity, or moxie to be able to pull that off… No, I lack the biggest obstacle to all of filmmaking. Money.

I’m a family man. I watch over my children, and in turn, my wife makes the money for the household. It’s not always like that. Whenever I have an editing job to do (the kind that actually pays me something…), I tend to make a pretty good earning. But it’s the down times that kill it all for me. I cannot just grab my gear, jump in a car, setup shop, and start rolling. And even though I know for a FACT that filmmaking is just not that easy (even though I pretty much do that with the web series Mob on the Run), it still pains me to think that I am being so sedate. If this is really my passion (everything AND producing), I should be out there honing my talents and making this a daily or weekly thing. Or better yet, I should be at least filming small stuff in order to work on special effects, of which I have been told I am rather good at. SOMETHING. Something should be filmed and pretty regularly.

As much as I love to film, though, I know that I need to have money to do it. If I shared with you just how little money my family brought in last year, with six people in the house, you’d probably wonder for a long time how anyone could make it on so little. I know single guys who brought home more income last year working a menial, part-time 7-3p job making only minimum wage, if that tells you anything. And yeah, money does mean a lot, especially when you have mouths to feed.

But having the equipment to film and endless medium to fill means you don’t need money, right? Wrong. You need cash for so many other things. Things you’re not thinking about as you’re reading this. Even if it’s just $5.

The other thing I’m lacking is available talent. You can’t just pull someone out from their job to “star” in your quickly-manufactured production. So it takes some planning, lots of time, energy, and money. And it sure would be nice to be around a bunch of other filmmakers for their support, I tell you. But I’ll save that for another post, some other day.

So, what I have now is an itch I want to scratch and no way to scratch it. And that bugs the hell out of me. I think I am going to start putting together another crew like I had with Transdimensional Films. Many people help to make headaches go away. And with the right people, I might be able to jump at a moments notice and film whatever strikes my fancy. But I need to find the right crew again…