Did you ever notice that the people who speak the loudest THINK they have something to say, but very rarely have much to say at all? I’ve been privy (especially lately) to folks who are just that way. They bitch, gripe, and complain about things, but rarely ever offer anything as an incentive. And much worse, when they’re complaining about something, it’s often usually over something out of their control and way above their “pay grade”.

For instance, I recently had someone shouting about something that they personally have no control over. They think they might have control over it, but honestly, they don’t. And to make matters worse, they pulled out everything they could think of to belittle the people involved with the project. And yes, most of that was focused at yours truly. So, instead of going on the attack and reminding them that:

  • They are not in charge and never were
  • They control very little to do with anything involved with the project
  • They are a talentless hack who cannot (for the life of me) ever seem to read their scripts or practice their lines in time to film
  • They were part of the detriment of the project to begin with, whether through their poor acting or lack of understanding to begin with
  • They didn’t spend a 20:1 ratio on the project like someone like myself had to, which means that I had to pull twenty (20) times the weight.

No, instead I did what was appropriate. I ignored them. Let them sit out to dry. And why? Because I don’t lower myself to their standards. No, I’m not upper-echelon management, even though I’m a producer. I always see myself on the level of others, especially since we all eat food, drink water, and poop pretty much the same. So I just let it ride.

Questions that were asked of me are: Will you ever work with that person again? And if not, is it because of this incident? The answers are no and no. I won’t work with them again, but not because they have a big mouth. The answer lies in their work ethic and talent level. But then again, FROM THE BEGINNING, I didn’t want to have them on the set or working on the project. That choice was made by another person “higher than me”.

So, as the moral to the story goes: Get a clue. When you bash someone that puts in twenty more times the work that you do, keep your mouth shut or leave the project.