Sometimes You Gotta Direct

Knowing when and where to direct someone is troublesome sometimes. Even if you’re not officially the Director of the project you’re working on, you’ll still find someone approaching you asking questions about what they’re supposed to be doing. I mean, honestly, any indie project has had this happen to producers, camera ops, boom ops, etc. And it’s not a bad thing, per se… It’s just irritating when people are not completely sure who they are supposed to be talking with about a scene and instantly hone in on a person who has some answers (even if it’s not ALL the answers).

So, what have I learned about that kind of experience? It’s simple. If you’re involved with the project and it means that much to you that everything gets done correctly, you’ll do one of two things:

  1. You’ll answer the question if you feel confident about the answer
    – or –
  2. You’ll direct that person to the right person to get the answer they seek.

I mean, it seems like common sense, right? Well, it isn’t. Many times people will answer a question even if they’re not in charge of that department or directing the movie. And especially if they don’t have a clue about it. It’s called “productive management”, and that shit is for the birds. They feel as though they are helping the Director or Producer by answering the question confidently, only to find out later that they were incorrect. And does the person ever usually fess up if it spells trouble? Usually no.

Follow those two up above and make this a non-issue. Don’t try to “help the situation” by answering something with an answer you think might be right. If you’re not 100% percent sure, point the person in the right direction.