Working With Other Producers

Working with other Producers.

Sometimes it can be a chore. Sometimes it can be fun. Sometimes it can be both. And some very few times it can be a nightmare. I’ve been fortunate enough to realize that many of the people I would be working with are not the types to make filmmaking a nightmare. And that is a blessing. If any of the people I would be fortunate to work with were to be total assholes, I tend to void them from my life, even if that means I would have to leave a production completely, which I cannot stand doing. I like to complete things that I am working on.

But sometimes a Producer just doesn’t understand what goes into being a Producer. Many people see the glamorous side of actors and directors, but the Producers make everything happen. Without good Producers, many productions would just fall apart. They would trickle down to nothing and then just fizzle and most likely disappear.

Producers are all about the paperwork. They have it. TONS of it. And they know how to use it, too. It’s what keeps them in the game. So, without knowing that part of the job, you cannot produce anything. Well, I guess you could, but it would look hideous and really not be something to be proud of on their resume.