PA FILMS llc has been in business since 2007 because we know about making films in pennsylvania more than most other productions!

When you work with Cliff and Jeff, you'll immediately see they know about filmmaking and what it takes to make a movie in Pennsylvania. While Cliff works more with the writing and design aspects of movies, Jeff takes up the rest with his knowledge of the technical aspects. And both have an extensive network, including locations, equipment rental facilities, actors and actresses, essential crew, and numerous writers, directors, and producers.

From development, to pre-production, to production, post-production, and print/marketing, they have worked in all facets of making productions come to life in Pennsylvania. You don't know until you contact them below.



No matter your level of expertise, you need to have the most comprehensive, knowledgeable, indefatigable team to help you do exactly what you need to get accomplished. PA Films should be your choice for logistics.


All of the people involved with PA Films are usually producers. And since the team is based on producers making films, you should feel at ease with the amount of control you will maintain over your creations.


The right team for your production will have an extensive network for anything you may possibly need. Working with PA Films is like connecting with thousands of people involved in filmmaking, both in Pennsylvania, and globally.

Movie: Firefly Fan Film "Cache"

Movie: "Something New"

Music Video: Erich Arndt & Disney "Let It Snow"

Commercial: Contest "Crash The Superbowl" I

Movie: Luis Devita's "On"

Movie: "Volunteer"

Commercial: Contest "Crash The Superbowl" II

Music Video: "I'm Elmo and I Know It"

Movie: "Running Out Of Time"

Movie: Transdimensional Films "Vincent: A Pre-Story to '12 Kisses'"

Music Video: Shortbus Fight Club - Johnny Cash's "Ring of Fire"

Movie: "Friends to the End"

Web Series: "Mob on the Run"

PA Films Productions

Numerous Days on Set & Behind the Scenes with Thousands of Logged Hours

You will never find a more passionate team of producers to work with in your entire career in filmmaking. PA Films goes above and beyond the call of duty.
  •  Development of Your Projects
  •  Acquisition of Talent & Crew
  •  A Team Striving for Only The Best

We are currently available for projects, please feel free to contact us